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West Central Florida 

Elder Planning Council

Community Educational Resource For Seniors & their Families

The Council

 Insurance -Preneed,  Estate Attorney,  VA  Specialist ,  Geriatric Care Advisor 

Medicaid Planner, Reverse Mortgage Specialist 

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid and State Programs
  • Hospice Organization
  • Disease Specific Groups such as Alzheimerโ€™s and Parkinsonโ€™s, as well as hearing and vision impairment groups
  • Legal Aid or Legal Assistance
  • Financial Professionals
  • VA Benefits
  • Preneed Funerals
  • Home Health Professionals
  • Reverse Mortgage Specialists.

What We Do

Families and Individuals


If you want to make sure that you have your funeral funding exempt from medicaid spend down in the future,let us review your current Life Insurance Policy for free !                                                              

Individuals in Florida are allowed to keep $2,000 when they apply to Medicaid for long term care. If they are over this amount, they must spend down on care. ... Couples that both require Medicaid for long term care in Florida are allowed to keep $3,000 in assets                                                                                   

Or  if  you wish to have your funeral preneed arranged, for  any funeral home location, we could help you with that also.

Funeral Home Owners

  We could increase your marketshare ! Let us become a an extension of your Marketing, Training, Recruiting and Preneed Product Team.  

Estate Attorneys, Medicaid Planners, CPAโ€™S, Insurance Agents in addition to Assisted Living, Nursing Home Facilities & Churches

Would you like to increase your client base ? Would  you benefit from a service that places your clients in Funeral and/or Estate  Trusts ? 


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