About Us



25 years of helping business owners, individuals and families protect their assets, and grow their Legacies

Mark A Vitelli, NSSA - Owner and licenced agent, Nationally Certified Social Security Advisor and End of Life Planner.  Regional Director for Florida for developing new business for Legacy Planning Solutions Inc. Marketing Co and IMO for Independent Funeral Homes Preneed  Programs ) . Formally managed,recruited and trained  agents for 2 major Life Insurance Companies. 

 I am totally enthusiastic about:

  • Helping individuals and famiies protect their assets by educating them in the area of End Of Life Planning (Protecting their current Life Insurance and assets from Medicaid Spend Down ) and memorializing their legacies.
  • Helping Funeral Homes gain marketshare and become more successful.
  • Work together with Estate Attorneys, Medicaid Planners, CPA’S, Insurance Agents  in addition to Assisted Living &  Nursing Home Facilities to help them be better equipped to help those same individuals and families.